Getting Through the First Month of First Grade

This former first grade teacher has to ditto this whole post… and I don’t even have my own kids!

Married Plus Three


My eldest started first grade just about a month ago. It was a very monumental (not to mention emotional) event in our household. Many things changed because of first grade – wake up time, morning routines, our afternoons together, etc. We had to get used to so many new things like checking backpacks, reviewing homework, reviewing schedules (and classes), and preparing lunch to name a few.

The first month of first grade actually began a week before school started (atleast for me it did), when we went back to school shopping. Other than buying a new (big) backpack suddenly we had binders, folders, pencils, erasers, glues, scissors and all these other supplies to buy. It brought me back years ago when I went back to school shopping with my dad. I just couldn’t believe I was now doing the same with my son!

Few days after it was time for…

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